Interior Detailing

With our hectic lives, kids, pets,drive thru’s and weather the cleanliness of our car’s interior is often the last thing on the list.  That’s where we come in.  We’ll get to work and restore, revitalize and refresh your car’s interior.  Your car is one of the most used, personal spaces we own.  It’s estimated that some Americans spend as much as 20 full days a year in our cars.  It’s no wonder they get dirty.  

Below is just a FEW of the steps we take to revive and renew your car with our Interior Detailing Services.

  1. Before we touch anything, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your car’s interior with you to let you know the accuracy of our quote, our timeline as well as listen to your expectations.  You might be able to offer a hint as to exactly what that green stain is on the backseat that is helpful and we’ll make sure it’s gone when we return your car.Eliminate bulk debris and trash.  Don’t worry… your personal property will remain yours.  Wrappers, leaves, empty bottles and the like will go in the trash.  All other items will be retained for your review and collection when we present the car to you upon completion.  Yes…even pocket change.
  2. Vacuum carpet and floors, seats and liners.  Vacuuming only eliminates the dirt and soil ON TOP of the surface.  If you have a very new car, vacuuming might be all you need.  But in most cases, vacuuming only gets out 50% of the dirt.  Your car will look a lot cleaner at this point but we can go a lot further.
  3. Address any salt residue on the floor and foot wells.  During the winter months, your shoes are often wet with water containing solvents used to treat roads and sidewalks.  This solvent gets on the carpet underneath and surrounding the floor mats – leaving a white residue.  We pretreat this with a diluted solution and lift it off later.
  4. Spray degreaser solution on all acceptable surfaces – seats (vinyl and some leathers), dash, door panels, center console and even seat belts if they are soiled.  It might be surprising to see exactly how much dirt and grime grease traps on nearly every surface in a car.  This is a very important part of truly cleaning your cars interior.  After agitating with a soft bristle brush, we wipe down each sprayed surface with a clean micro-fiber cloth.  Using multiple cloths and paying special attention to cracks and reservoirs, we make sure to extract all of the dirt and all of the solution.
  5. Next we spray all cloth surfaces and headliner with a powerful all purpose cleaner.  Using much of the same technique as the degreaser, we can dissolve and eliminate most stains and blemishes from cloth services.  In some cases we will use a combination of steam and vacuum extraction to remove dirt and stains from cloth surfaces.  The key here is to saturate as well as extract as much as possible so your cloth seats and surfaces do not remain wet… which is not only unpleasant but can also be damaging.
  6. On to the good parts… the dash and console of your car.  This is the part we all like to be shiny and new.  Makes sense, it’s the part we look at most often.  We take extra pride in getting your dash and console spotless SAFELY.  There are quite a few important, delicate electronics on your car’s console and dash and we want to make sure we do not cause any damage.  We use a combination of vacuum, steam, solvents and brushes to get every nook and cranny spotless.  Also, it is important to note we take care to only use products that do not leave residue or have an overwhelming odor.
  7. Now on to the most important part of your interior detail – the windshield and windows.  Aside from the obvious fact the windshield is important because you look through it to drive, it also is very difficult to clean properly.  Scratches, debris and residue all can have a lasting impact on your ability to drive safely.  Windshields are notoriously difficult to clean properly and often we find we spend quite a bit of time cleaning up after our clients failed attempts to do it themselves.  We use some well learned techniques that will leave your car’s windshield and windows crystal clear and spotless.

After a complete inspection and final once and we’re confident you will be thoroughly satisfied we will notify you your interior detail is complete.  We’re very happy to go through your car with you and address any items you might have questions about.

We have many satisfied customers in the Groton / New London area who have used our interior detail services.  Feel free to see what they have to see on our Review page.