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Plan. Execute. Clean.

Whether you drop your vehicle at our Groton location or we come to you throughout southeast Connecticut our plan is to detail your car and make it “impossibly clean”. 

With our customizable and affordable car detailing packages we work with  you to insure you’re highly satisfied when the jobs done. 

We offer a full array of services to meet your needs and always execute with the integrity and pride of being a woman and Veteran owned company.

car detailing groton

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veteran owned business

We are proud to be a woman owned – veteran owned company.  

Car Detailing Near You

Sure, your car looks better when it’s clean.  But did you know that keeping it clean can also help  it last longer?  

But who has the time to deep clean a car inside and out?

We do!

No matter how dirty, inside or out, we can get your car clean.  Period.  


mid-size car interior deep clean

Soft on the inside

Your car tries to act tough, but beneath that hard shell, it’s extremely sensitive — the carpet, fabrics and leather that make up your car’s interior, that is.

Daily life is hard on automotive interiors.  Dirt particles rub through carpet and upholstery fibers, leaving them looking worn and shabby before their time.  The sun’s UV rays fade and degrade plastics and fabrics.   And let’s face it, ketchup leaves a hell of a stain.

Frequent detailing keeps your interior looking new longer.  Even better, our modern stain resistant treatments and UV inhibitors will stop damage to your car’s interior before it happens.


ceramic coating car detailing

Your paint is calling for backup

Your car’s finish is under constant threat from road salt, tree sap, bug guts, and dust and grit kicked up from the roadway.  Over time, these work together to eat through your paint and give rust a foothold.  

A regular wash and wax helps keep these contaminants at bay.  But it isn’t 1957 anymore.  Modern ceramic coatings add a space-age barrier that protects your paint and keep your car looking clean longer between washes.

Tactical mobile detailing headlight restoration

Get Your Car's Eyes Checked​

Over time, sand and UV rays turn your car’s headlights yellow and opaque, until you find yourself squinting into the night and driving with your fingers crossed.  

Don’t let this unsafe situation sneak up on you.  We can restore your yellowed headlights to their former glory, at a fraction of the cost of new headlight lenses.

groton Connecticut car detailing packages

Complete Car Care Packages

Get your car professionally detailed inside and out.  From a top to bottom clean all the way to “this is better than the day I bought it”, our complete detail packages are our most popular options and for good reason.  

They are reasonably priced for the exceptional level of detail that is put into each job.  

Honest(ly) Clean

We take pride in the work we do and it is our goal that you are completely satisfied with your detail.

More importantly, we want you to know we value our personal and business integrity above all. Maybe it’s our time in the military where we learned to keep our word and treat people fairly.

We won’t try and sell you services and products you don’t need. We stand behind our work 100%. 

If you don’t feel you car is impossibly clean when we’re done, let us know and we’ll do it again.

Insured. Trusted. Certified

Serving Southeastern Connecticut including:

  • Groton
  • New London
  • Mystic
  • Stonington
  • Ledyard
  • Waterford
  • Westerly
  • Ledyard
  • Norwich

Auto Detailing in the New Haven, Groton and Mystic Areas. We come to you or you come to us – which ever is easier for you. 

Veteran Owned Woman Owned

Full service range interior car cleaning, sanitizing, shampooing and restoration as well as exterior detailing, waxing and polishing.



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